30 Aug

Library services at Anand College of Engineering & Management are the cornerstone of its education system and building with enormous space. The Library has a spacious reading hall, periodical centre, group discussion room and online database browsing area. The library has more than 5000 books covering all disciplines of Science, Engineering & Technology. At present library is subscribing to 60 national and international reputed journals in the field of Engineering. It also possesses a good collection of CD & DVDs. Library operations are fully automated using e-granthalaya library system. It is also providing facility of Digital Library Section where online database, e-journals and e-documents are made available to the users. Library is also member of Developing Library Network (DELNET) for sharing the resources among its member libraries. All activities of Learning Resource Centre are computerized, including bar-coded ID cards. Library is kept open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. The Library is committed to continually developing and improving all our services, especially in relation to those groups with any special requirements. We make every effort to provide practical assistance to any student with a disability. Advances in providing electronic access to many of our resources off-campus has increased the support we can offer to distance learning students. Special resources are also provided to meet the needs of part-time students.


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